Optimizing power consumption of SATA disks

Who doesn't like more battery life for free? A brief investigation into how to reduce power consumption of your laptop by a third.

Hijacking the desktop directory with /tmp

Merging /tmp and the xdg-Desktop-directory make you have a quick file drop in reach from almost every file-dialogue that doesn't clutter your folders.

Safer shellscripts by default

Just a handful of options to make shellscripts much more failsafe and resilient.

Random Mac Addresses for Privacy

Randomized hardware addresses for network devices can help to reduce one's own trackability and privacy. Here's how.

simple wifi setup with iwd and networkd

A brief summary of my current network setup on my laptop.

Racefree iwd

There is a new tool in town for wifi so blazingly fast it accidentially creates race-conditions. A little workaround.

Self-hosting Threema Safe

Self-hosting Threema backup isn't as difficult as it sounds. This is what is needed.

Embedded IPython for script development

Everyone hates debugging, but with IPython, we can at least get an interactive debugging-shell at our code-point of choice.

Persistent IRC

IRC is a presence protocol. You disconnect, you don't get any messages anymore. This, however, doesn't have to be this way. A little dead-simple setup to get an always-connected IRC-setup.

Hardwaretriggered Backups

Manual backups are relying on human interaction and are therefore inherently unreliable. Let's automate and trigger a backup the moment the backup disk shows up!

The beauty of Arch Linux

And why to use it.

A little writeup what makes Archlinux my preferred Linux distribution, primarily to have a linkable text on it.